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What to Expect During the Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on 7/23/2019 by Palisades Surgical Arts
What to Expect During the Recovery from Wisdom Tooth ExtractionWhen you think about wisdom tooth extraction, you often base your ideas on the stories you hear from others. You hear about the intense pain and the inability to return to work for a few days. You hear about not being able to eat anything for the first few days after surgery.

The problem is that not all the stories you hear are true. It is better to find out what to really expect during recovery rather than relying on stories that have been exaggerated over time.

First Days
Immediately after the surgery, you need to exercise care. It is normal for oozing and bleeding to come from the surgical site for the first day after surgery. A gauze pack is put in place during the surgery and needs to remain in place for at least an hour. If the bleeding or oozing persists, you can change the gauze every 30 to 45 minutes.

As the anesthesia wears off, discomfort or pain may occur. Prescription and over the counter medications can help with this. The discomfort, pain, bleeding and oozing will all subside and should not last for more than the first few days after surgery.

It is important to be careful what you eat during the first few days. Liquid and soft foods are the best options.

As the Recovery Continues

As you move past the initial recovery, you begin to return to a normal life. Most people will try to take a day or two off from work or school, but you can return as soon as you want if you feel up to it. The key is to take it easy at first and slowly build your way back to normal activities over the course of several days. The same goes with diet. You can start to introduce different foods and can return to a normal diet in one to two weeks. The sutures used will either dissolve on their own or will need removal in 7-10 days.

One of the biggest dangers to a successful recover from wisdom tooth extraction is smoking. Inhaling smoke can cause problems with the surgical site and can lead to issues that include a dry socket. If you experience any symptoms that do not go away or subside during the first few days contact our offices to get checked.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment to learn about this or any other oral health issue.

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