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Tooth Extraction
Pacific Palisades, CA

Your teeth play many vital roles. When they suffer damage, both your oral health and your overall health are put at risk. Because your teeth are so important, saving ones that have suffered damage is crucial. There are numerous options available for achieving this goal. However, there are some instances in which a damaged tooth cannot be saved. If you have severely damaged or unsalvageable teeth, Palisades Surgical Arts can perform a necessary tooth extraction.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Damaged teeth need to be treated as soon as possible. Severe damage can lead to serious issues, including painful infections that can spread into your bloodstream, which can ultimately affect your overall health. When you have a damaged tooth, a consultation is first done to determine the best course of action. This consultation includes a visual exam as well as x-rays. X-rays enable us to see below the gum line so that we can gain a complete picture of your situation and consider all other treatment options before deciding to extract.
There are several reasons a tooth may need to be extracted:

•  A crack that extends below the gum line (or is completely below the gum line). When a crack is below the gum line, a crown will not be able to provide the protection it needs.
•  A tooth that has completely split or shattered.
•  Severe tooth decay. Fillings in excessively large cavities can compromise the tooth, and the tooth may be unable to hold a crown properly.
•  Impacted teeth. A common issue with wisdom teeth, impacted teeth are those that cannot properly emerge through the gum tissue. Impacted teeth can lead to several serious, and painful, issues.
•  Overcrowding. Overcrowded teeth are a cause of misalignment, which can lead to biting problems and jaw pain. In this case, an extraction can help to provide sufficient room for successful orthodontic treatment.

Simple Tooth Extractions

There are two different types of extractions. One type is known as a simple extraction. This extraction is just as the name implies, and is fairly straightforward. The extraction begins with a local anesthetic. Next, a pair of forceps is used to grip the tooth. The tooth is then moved back and forth, widening the socket. Once the socket is sufficiently wide enough, the tooth is simply lifted out.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

The other type of extraction is known as a surgical extraction. This type of extraction is a more complex procedure that may be done in one of several different ways. A local anesthetic is first administered. In some cases, sedation may be used to help you relax.

Next, incisions are made in the gum tissue to expose the root of the target tooth and the surrounding bone. With the tooth exposed, we work to remove it. In some cases, there may be some bone blocking the tooth, which we remove prior to removing the actual tooth. If the tooth is broken or shattered, we carefully remove all of the pieces. In some instances, we may need to break the tooth and remove it piece by piece. Once the tooth is removed, the socket is cleaned and the surgical wounds are sutured closed.

While saving a damaged tooth is a high priority, there are some cases in which this is not possible. In these instances, your best option is to have the affected tooth extracted and then replaced. We offer several great tooth replacement options including dental implants.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, or simply want to learn more, contact Palisades Surgical Arts at (424) 346-0955 today.
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Tooth Extraction | Palisades Surgical Arts - Pacific Palisades, CA
There are some instances in which a damaged tooth cannot be saved. If you have severely damaged or decayed teeth, Palisades Surgical Arts can perform a necessary tooth extraction.
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