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Wisdom Tooth Removal
Pacific Palisades, CA

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last of your adult teeth to erupt. For most people, these teeth come in during the late teens or early twenties, which is how they got their name. The wisdom teeth are also the ones that are most likely to cause problems, and serious pain, for many people. At Palisades Surgical Arts, we can help to restore the health and comfort of your mouth with wisdom tooth removal.

What issues do wisdom teeth cause?

For some people, the wisdom teeth simply emerge just like their other 28 adult teeth. The only issue they cause is minor discomfort that goes away once the teeth are through the tissue. For many people, however, the wisdom teeth are a major source of pain and suffering. This pain is often due to the wisdom teeth being impacted. Impacted teeth are those that do not properly erupt through the gums. While any tooth can become impacted, the wisdom teeth are the most likely to face this issue. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause several problems:

•  Overcrowding. Many times, wisdom teeth become impacted because there simply is not enough room in the jaw to house them. They still attempt to come through. As they do, they begin to push the rest of your adult teeth out of their natural alignment, causing overcrowding. Overcrowding can alter your bite and your smile.
•  Cysts. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can form as a result of tooth impaction. Untreated cysts do not disappear on their own. Instead, they continue to grow and can cause serious damage to your jawbone.
•  Damage to adjacent teeth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth do not erupt because they are growing sideways. When this happens, they can grow into the adjacent teeth. As they grow, they put more and more pressure on the teeth, which can eventually lead to cracks and other serious damage below the gum line.
•  Pericoronitis. Sometimes, a wisdom tooth is only able to partially erupt through the gum tissue. A partially erupted tooth is difficult to keep clean. Because of this, you are likely to face a localized infection known as pericoronitis.

How are impacted wisdom teeth diagnosed?

The biggest indication of impacted wisdom teeth is a pain at the back of your jaw. This pain should not be ignored. To diagnose your impacted wisdom teeth, we conduct a thorough oral exam, complete with a visual inspection, where we search for signs of infection, and dental x-rays, which enable us to see everything happening below the gums. X-rays can show us the condition of the wisdom teeth, cysts, and any damage to surrounding teeth. If your pain is caused by impacted wisdom teeth, we will then make a plan to remove them.

Extracting Impacted Wisdom Teeth

X-ray of a patient's wisdom teeth at office of oral surgeon in Pacific Palisades, CA.There are two types of dental extractions—simple and surgical. A simple extraction is one that involves gripping the tooth, moving it back and forth to widen the socket, and lifting the tooth free. A surgical extraction is more complex, and often what is needed for extracting impacted wisdom teeth.

A surgical extraction begins with a local anesthetic. In some cases, sedation may also be used. We then make incisions in your gums, exposing the affected teeth and the surrounding jawbone. Next, we get to work removing the tooth. Bone obstructing the tooth may first need to be removed. In some cases, we may need to break the tooth first and remove it piece by piece. Once the tooth is completely removed, the area is cleaned, and the gums are sutured closed. There is no need to worry about replacing extracted wisdom teeth.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, they may be impacted, and need to be removed. By removing these teeth, we can greatly increase your oral health and comfort. For more information, or to schedule your consultation, call Palisades Surgical Arts at (424) 346-0955 today.
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Wisdom Tooth Removal | Palisades Surgical Arts - Pacific Palisades, CA
At Palisades Surgical Arts, we can help to restore the health and comfort of your mouth with wisdom tooth removal.
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